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Color Twist Necklace TUTORIAL

Have you seen my color twist necklaces and wanted to make your own? I now offer a tutorial teaching how to make this beautiful necklace! This tutorial teaches my modified version of what I have seen called a netted tube, or Russian spiral. This fully-detailed tutorial includes 37 large, full color photographs and directions for how to condition your thread, stitch the necklace, and even make my handmade ball-and-loop clasp.

As an added bonus, I give details on how to add a wire-wrapped focal bead, such as my handmade lampwork beads. To do this, you should be comfortable with basic wire-wrapping techniques, such as forming a spiral in wire using jewelry pliers.

On the right are some sample pictures from the tutorial. There are no special tools needed for the necklace, just beads, needle, beeswax, and thread. For the optional pendant portion, you will need silver wire or long headpins, a focal bead, and round-nosed & flat-nosed jewelry pliers.

The tutorial itself is an HTML file which will be emailed to you after purchase; all the photographs for the tutorial are stored on my own server, making the tutorial file a very small and easy download. Note - Paypal automatically charges shipping. Rest assured this will be refunded as soon as I process the order.



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