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Lampwork Chain Maille Bracelet 2

For my second chain maille bracelet, I first created the focal point - a lampwork bead. I made this bead using a reactive silver glass over a transparent base. The silver glass created beautiful reflective colors - rust, gold, and blue. I shaped the bead into a spree (straight sided lentil).

The bracelet itself is primarily made of copper. I made 3-ring sets using rings I cut myself, then connected those together to make the chain. Next I created links with copper and sterling silver beads. I used sterling silver wire and copper accent beads to showcase my lampwork bead focal link. I finished off the piece with a copper lobster clasp.

The whole bracelet measures about 8" long. The copper beads are about 11 mm (.46"). The lampwork bead is about 20mm (.8") wide by 9mm (.36") thick.



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