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Love Pats 11

This incredible set would be great for Easter, Valentine's Day, or every day. I started with a light white chocolate colored base and adorned each tab shaped bead in the set with a sculpted pastel colored heart. Once I made all 10 tab beads, I created the centerpiece - a larger heart shaped bead, also white chocolate colored, which accents of each of the pastel colors used for the smaller hearts.

The tabs measure about 18mm (.7") in diameter by 9mm thick (.35"). The addition of the sculpted hearts bring them up to about 15mm thick (.56"), but this does vary slightly bead by bead. The beads are temporarily strung on a white satin cord.

The heart focal measures about 28mm tall (1.08") by 32mm wide (1.27") by 11mm thick (.42").

I am a Reiki healer and everything I sell is Reiki charged for positivity and good health. I can also charge items for specific reasons - send me a message at purchase with request.

All my items are one of a kind (OOAK) glass creations. SRA #E20.



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