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Time Flies

Time really did fly while I made this watch. I started with copper sheet which I sawed, filed, textured, and stamped with the word "FLIES." I punched holes and shaped it in a gentle curve to caress the wearer's wrist. The texture is very subtle; just enough to add some interest to the piece.

The chain is King's scale. It is a very moveable, flexible weave, like the flow of time. I felt it fit the theme of the overall piece very well! I chose brass and copper to make my own rings, as I do for all my jewelry pieces. The rings were carefully wrapped, sawed, filed, and cleaned before the weave was assembled.

I chose a round polished silver-tone Legacy watch face to balance out the long rectangular shape of the copper sheet. The watch face is the only part I didn't make. I'm not quite there yet!

To finalize this piece of art, I made a hammered, textured copper clasp. I also put in a fresh battery and pulled the knob out of the watch to preserve the battery. It measures about 8" and is ready for a new home where it will be cherished in wearing as much as it was cherished in making.

Reiki charged for the wearer's benefit.



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